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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 2, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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10 it is a big win for transit drivers. tonight we're worried adjournings ruling could leave passengers in the middle. good evening. >> we begin tonight with a major development in the ongoing labor dispute. late today a judge overturned a -- the board of directors just wrapped up a meeting about 90
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minutes ago, ken? >> reporter: the transit board of directors wrapped up its meeting tonight without making a decision on whether or not to appeal that ruling. they are already facing a $56 million deficit and it means they'll lose an additional $300,000 a week, making further cuts in service almost certain. >> obviously, i'm disappointed. i'm also very disappointed and sad we've ended up in the situation we're in court. >> reporter: hundreds of bus drivers started calling in sick after a new contract was imposed last month, disrupting service for thousands of passengers. they imposed the rules after negotiations broke down. ac transit has already cut service by 8% and raised fares. more cuttings planned for august 29th. menwhile negotiations appear to be at an impasse even though both sides insist they are
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ready to talk. >> as a union we have a right to negotiate wages, working hours, and benefits for our members. >> management says the ruling has been unable to make concessions, copayments on their health insurance or make tributes to their premiums. officials say the situation will only get worse. >> by the time we resolve how we're going to be able to address this, we are in a further deficit than we're facing currently. the board will have to decide what kind of cuts they'll make. >> caught in the middle are the passengers, like this blind couple that rely on the bus services. >> it's difficult for anyone, but definitely being blind and having to navigate areas you are not familiar with to get somewhere is harder. >> my whole overall time traveling took 3 hours and 0 minutes by the time i made all my connections. >> what would it normally take? >> less than an hour.
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>> ac transit has until august 10 to carry out the judges order. in the meantime, no gorks are scheduled. live in oakland, "ktvu channel 2 news." many drivers expected 20 get a pay hike of 6%. they are scheduled to review the increase tomorrow, but since the wages of operators are written into the city charger, approve is not -- $28 to $29.52. the raise comes as some other union workers take pay cuts. meg whitman and jerry brown shattering records on spending money on the upcoming campaign. campaign finance records filed today. $91 million came out of
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whitman's own pocket. brown spent $633,000 since june 30. brown has a 3 point lead over whitman. police are asking for the public's help tonight in identifying a rapist after a young woman was attacked last night. it happened in munson park. john with the details, john? >> reporter: police tell me the victim was simply walking home last night when she was attacked from behind. during the day, the park is receive serene and idealic, perfect spot for parents to bring their children, although news of a rain may have shattered that image. >> i would never come past 7 or 8:00 at night now by myself with them. it's a quiet park too, and i just want to have a quiet afternoon i come here because there's not many people around. so yeah, it makes me feel more
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guarded. >> reporter: police say the victim was accosted by a large man with a weapon. >> the suspect came up behind her and had a knife and forced her to the ground and assaulted her there in the park, then he fled and she went to her home and called us from her home. >> reporter: as that happened, they sat watching tv in their homes feet from the crime scene and didn't hear a thing. >> my wife, you know, many of the other ladies we talked to are not going out after dark until the police do what they have to do. that is find the fellow and chop him. >> reporter: the victim suffered some injuries and was treated at the hospital. now a tough recovery lies ahead. >> rain victims in the acute phase of post-rain experience are in a lot of physical pain and trauma and most of the time are pretty confused, pretty frightened. >> reporter: rondeau james runs
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the rain crisis centers and said there were 43 reported rains last year. >> want to get her stabilized, safe, physically and emotionally. >> reporter: he was a white or hispanics panic man, 6 feet tall with a goatee and thick lips. anyone who saw anything suspicious last night to give them a call. live, john, "ktvu channel 2 news." a man police say stole a van and ran down two pedestrians is in jail tonight facing homicide and other charges. police say the 59 year old was drunk when the van hit the two victims last friday in san jose near south 1st street. one of the pedestrians died, the other suffered injuries described as non-life threatening. we've learned more tonight about the man arrested yesterday after his car hit a bicyclist, pedestrian, and
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other cars in danville. police say he was intoxicated. he was convicted of drunk driving when he was 17. also involved with an accident last year, but details are not available. he's the younger brother of san francisco giant's outfielder nate schierholtz. >> now execution procedures were blocked. detailed instructions of how prison officials should administer a lethal cocktail to condemned prisoners, the lawsuit claims among other things that regulators failed to adequately consider other methods as an alternative to the three-drug cocktail. father of the police officer broke his silence today and spoke out at a rally for his son. his son faces up to 14 years in prison for killing oscar grant.
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the father talked first to ktvu. rita williams reports. >> reporter: it wasn't a big group standing outside all afternoon, but the people there were dedicated. that included his father. >> of course; i'm here today to support my son and all law enforcement because it's a very, very slippery slope when they start to send people to work with guns and not only civilly convict them, but criminally. >> reporter: in his first interview, todd tearfully told me his son is doing okay behind bars in los angeles since his conviction of involuntary. and use of a gun. he accidently drew his gun instead of his taser. >> he's in the wrong place. we love him dearly and -- grew
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up to be anybody he wanted to be, chose public service. this is his thanks. >> reporter: he thanked people who came out to support his son and law enforcement generally. >> it touches my heart when i see things like this go on where they are jailing an innocent victim of the system here. when we really should be thanking them. >> reporter: unlike last month's rally, there was no organized opposition today, but there was opposition. >> on the ground doing nothing, can't do nothing. you don't need a gun there. you're a big, strong guy. >> you understand he meant to pull his taser? >> reporter: most people coming and going passed by without comment, but this 17 year old city worker had strong opinions. >> i don't know if he deserves a death sentence, but he did
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kill a innocent person. >> reporter: organizers say they plan to have more rallies around the area before he's sentenced in los angeles, three months from now. in san jose, rita williams, "ktvu channel 2 news." it was a banner day on wall street as august began with a bang. all the major indexes jumped as investors reacted to encouraging reports from around the world. see the numbers was up more than 208 points, nasdaq picked up more than 40 points. hewlett packard has settled a lawsuit. it comes in arkansas back in 2007. the issue was a contract with the federal government's general services administration. the settlement is expected to cost 2 cents per share in its third quarter earnings. right now, city leaders grappling with a controversial issue. one labor union tells us it
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won't hesitate to take the matter to court. combat in iraq, at least for americans ending 29 days from now. that's what the president says. i'll
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city leaders taking up a controversial proposal involving firefighters. the issue is how many power an arbitrator has during contract
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negotiations. it's a question voters maybe asked to decide. ktvu's amber lee is live now with this story. amber? >> reporter: right now council members still inside the city hall behind me. scheduled to take a vote on whether to take a measure on the ballot that would remove arbitration from labor talk. police unions say they need a force to step in. finding arbitration has worked well since it has been in place since 1978. >> without it, they have the absolute power. they could strip our benefits away and impose on us for a year. >> i think it should be on the ballot. >> long-time resident says finding arbitration is not good for the city or its residents, especially in this time of fiscal difficulty.
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>> the pay scale and benefits are simply too high. they are not competitive, and they are excessive. no november, residents will be voting on an initiative that will require the city to hold two public hearings and put the matter before voters whenever city leaders want to reduce the number of firefighters and police officers on their current staffing levels. >> i volt against it. i don't think they should tie the city council hands on that. they run the city, they are elected to run the city. >> reporter: members are scheduled to vote on the binding arbitration measure. several observers told us it does not appear there's enough votes to get it on the november ballot this time around. reporting live, amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." thousands of researchers at the university of california have a new contract to consider. the union representing them says the deal was researched late last night.
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members set to vote within the next few weeks. in san francisco, a measure built as tension reform for city employees has qualified for the upcoming november ballot. jeff is behind the measure called the sustainable city employees benefits reform act. he says it will save the city $170 million. it would require employees to contribute 9% of their pay toward their pensions. police and firefighters would contribute 10%. san francisco is going ahead with a plan to fight crime on trains and buses with steeper fines. they are considering an ordinance that would double the fine for harassing someone or loitering while carrying a concealed weapon. the current fine is $500, the proposal comes following three
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attacks earlier this year and a stabbing last week on a train platform. >> we want to send the message that crime, aggressive pursuit, or harassment is something we don't tolerate. >> if approved, it could go in effect by the beginning of september. crime has gone down in the past 6 months. >> just 29 days from now, at the end of this month, combat in iraq for americans is set to come to an end. president obama called it a promise delivered. randy reports. >> as a candidate, he calls it a dumb war, shortly after taking office he promised to end combat in iraq by the end of august this year. today, speaking from disabled veterans his vow will be realized.
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>> as promised and on schedule. he he took office, there were 144,000 american troops in iraq, but august 31, it will be down to 50,000, there to train iraqis, not to fight. >> the hard truth is we have not seen the end of american sacrifice in iraq, but make no mistake, our commitment in iraq is changing, from a military effort led by troops, to civilian effort led by diplomats. >> reporter: it's not the first time an american president announced the end to combat. president bush did more than 7 years ago, but larry diamond who served in iraq as a coalition advisor says this time it's different. the iraqi military is effective now. >> so the conditions on the ground actually are significantly better than they have been for quite sometime and we see that in the dramatic
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decline in american as well as iraqi causalities. >> reporter: the president's goal, no troops in iraq, 0 by the end of next year, but simon cautions that's just a goal. >> actually, this may not work as intended and violence may spike back up. >> reporter: some suggest the president's speech on iraq is aimed at least in part on dampening the growing sense of frustrations americans have over the war in afghanistan. the number of troops in afghanistan has tripled since the president took office and few think it's going well. analysts say it makes sense for the president to highlight success in iraq, even if it was the surge he opposed that made the success possible. "ktvu channel 2 news." public support for president obama's management of the war in afghanistan has declined according to to a poll
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37 36% support the president, compared to 48% in february. also, a record 43% said it was a mistake to go to war, following the 2001 terrorist attacks. fog has been with us for awhile now. it's not going anywhere. be here tomorrow morning when you wake up. birdbath to the coast today and continuing mild for the next few days. tomorrow morning as you head to work or off with the kids for the summer activities you have planned, between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., foggy at the coast. pacific half-moon bay, clouds around the city between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. temperatures in the upper 50s. inland temperatures a little higher and more sunshine. that's in the early-morning hours. back at 10:45 i'll have your forecast. we'll talk about the microclimate, then, of course,
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the 5-day forecast. see you back in a little bit. two years and no arrest in the fire bombings at the homes of two researchers. the attacks happened two years ago today. one fire bomb started a fire in the home of a researcher who suffered minor injuries as he and his family escaped the flames. the other fire bomb destroyed a car in the driveway of another researcher. a $50,000 reward is being offered for an arrest and conviction in the case. canceled flights and no explanation. just ahead, what maybe behind sudden changes in bay area airports. how much is that cold beer or cocktail worth to you? a new plan to raise
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a van crashed in oregon, state police say the van's driver fell asleep and drifted off i-5 at about 5:30 this morning. the van was carrying members of two bay area bands. they are seen performing here. early graves single daniels was killed. the driver and another passenger were injured in the crash, but their injuries are said to be non-life threatening. word tonight a 19 year old uc berkeley sophomore was among those killed last week in a pakistani. she was a student in the college of natural resources and part of the women's lightweight crew team. she was traveling when the jet she was on crashed, killing all 152 people on board. engineers today found and
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started fixing several leaks that developed on the oil well in the gulf of mexico. commander thad allen said tests are underway to determine if bp can proceed with its static kill plan. that can take longer than two days. dispersants used to break up the oil were no more toxic than the oil itself. federal scientists estimated today almost 5 million-barrels of oil have leaked out of the well since the deadly explosion on april 20. of that amount, about 800,000 barrels were recovered. it appears the flow diminished over time, starting at about 62,000 barrels a day and ending at about 53,000 barrels a day. >> airlines canceled several flights from the bay area in the past few days because of financial problems. today the airline canceled a
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flight and according to a airport spokesperson, it dropped one of its two flights over the weekend. they also canceled flights from oakland and san francisco international airports. a number of reports say they are trying to rework labor contracts and is considering filing for bankruptcy. tomorrow, oakland international airport will start using body scanners. they'll roll out the scanner in terminal one. passengers will have the option of declining a body scan, but if you do that, you'll be required to go through a standard metal detector and submit to a pat down. they say body scanner images will not be printed or stored. the port of oakland shipping two massive cranes to boston tonight. they departed today. they were used for a long time while the air station was in service. their height kept them out of the flight path. it wants them because it's near logan airport and is covering the cost of the move.
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the port of oakland said by giving the cranes away it saves the half million it would cost to dispose of them. definitely the price is going to go up, minimum $1. >> already stirring up debate. up next, a proposed new fee that could make your next drink more expensive. ♪
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redwood city, 55 physician, redwood shores, 75 degrees in redwood city. for a daytime high on your tuesday, that's cooler than you'd expect. back in a bit with your 5-day forecast. happy hour in san francisco could get more expensive. that's making many bars and restaurant owners unhappy. the city is considering a new fee to cover the cost of health care. here's to explain how this proposed fee would work. >> reporter: the stronger the drink, the higher the fee. now, supporters say it would only add about a nickel a drink on average, but those behind the bars put it closer to 50 cents, even a dollar more. we manufacture the beer right here in these tanks. >> reporter: small san francisco brewers are alarmed because the fee targets wholesalers. since they make their own, it could cost them tens of
12:00 am
thousands of dollars a year, driving a beer up to 6:50, 6:75. the customer is going to choose to drink wherever, but why here? how special is san francisco at the end of the day when we're scrimping and saving? >> reporter: that message went to city hall today. >> this will hit the economy. >> reporter: as the fee moves through the committee process. >> the response we're hearing is somewhat irrational. supporters say san francisco is spending $17 million annually to pick up, care for, and rehabilitate alcohol abusers, so it's only fair those who sell it and drink it pay the tab. >> this is onerous for a consumerrer to pay 5, 10, 15 cents for a drink. will that cost anybody from drinking? no, it will not. >> this restaurant manager
12:01 am
argues another fee could put some establishments under because profit margins are already thin. >> what's going to happen is instead of splurging and getting an appetizer, they'll forget about it. >> reporter: since it a fee and not a tax, voters can oppose to approve it. if this fee is approved by the board of supervisors, expect an immediate lawsuit from the hospitality industry, a handful of cities and counties do charge flat fees on alcohol retailers, but this one, per ounce on distributers hasn't been attempted before. reporting live, "ktvu channel 2 news." state assembly passed a bill today that holds adults who give alcohol to minors liable to damages or injuries caused by the underage
12:02 am
drinkers. the so-called social host law passed by a 67-1 margin and is heading to the governor's desk. the california supreme court today upheld a controversial ballot measure that voters passed 14 years ago. prop 209 bans government preferences from minorities and women. it violates federal equality protections. it's in response of a lawsuit that challenged a san francisco ordinance which gave preference to minority and female-owned businesses. days after new york congressman was charged with ethics violences, another influential member of congress is in trouble. she faces undisclosed charges focusing on a request for help for a bank where her husband was a board member. charges won't be made public
12:03 am
until a meeting which has not been scheduled. . tomorrow, san jose city council expected to officially endorse an attempt to get the oakland a's to move to the south bay. but the site under construction for a new ballpark is near the hp pavilion. at&t has a service facility there and the communications company has no plans to sell the property. mayor chuck reid said he thought a real estate deal would go smoothly if major league baseball agrees to the move. in the meantime the san jose news is reporting the 49ers spent almost 5 million to support measure j, the proposition to back a new stadium in santa clara. once all the paperwork and financing are in place, the proposed stadium deal could cost close to a billion dollars. in san francisco, work
12:04 am
crews digging up old treasures. so far they've found everything from a gun battery to a coin minted in germany. that's just the beginning. >> reporter: archaeologists who started mapping the area ten years ago say they are not surprised interesting things have been uncovered here. while they are not considered finds, there are some places that were buried when the bridge was built three quarters of a century ago. >> dates to 1800, 1896. it was buried and cut in half by the construction of the drive originally. >> reporter: when the project is completed in three and a half years, they will be cleaned up and open to the public. so far they've also unearthed a lot of cobblestones used back in the day when transportation was on horseback and the come
12:05 am
um from what was the original gate to the national cemetery. the artifacts were dug up by crews. >> it's exciting because it's tied to the landscape and history. >> reporter: some of the treasures found included german coin and lots of military buttons. >> there's been so much happen here that you can hardly dig a hole without finding something. >> reporter: there was an old treasure uncovered, an indian site dating back 800 years. in san francisco, "ktvu channel 2 news." a police crackdown after a spike in shoplifting. coming up next, where police say many of those items are ending up. plus new numbers tonight. later, harnessing the sun's power in
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san francisco police stepping up patrols to try and stop people from stealing from businesses and selling the merchandise. they are targeted by shoplifters who grab items cosmetics, raisers, diode rants, and alcohol. they take the goods and sold on the black market. >> some of the markets seems to be an area where you can walk by and if you're in the market for something, you can hear it being hawked out to you. >> there's little they can do other than keeping their patrols up. court documents filed today say the toyota company knew of 6 instances including 2003
12:09 am
including incidents verified by its own technicians and dealers. specific information is being withheld from the public to protect customer's privacy, and it did not list dates of problems or year or model of toyota involved. toyota said it looked forward to defending itself against the allegations. new figures from the insurance industry tonight show the top three vehicles stolen in the u.s. arest carrying laids u.s. u.s. the average dollar amount of insurance claims is higher as well. has the full list of thees favorite, and you'll find which cars are least likely to be targeted. news of the world tonight, attacks killed a dozen people
12:10 am
today. a policeman's house was tagged killing hymns his wife, and 4 year old daughter. insurgents are taking advantage of a political stale mate. in jordan and israel today, rockets exploded in resorts in the red sea. one person died, four others wounded. israel says the rockets came from the desert in egypt. something egypt denies. there was no claim of responsibility. the united arab says blackberries will be stopped as of october. it will affect a half million subscribers and travelers flying in and out. they have security concerns about the blackberry. the bay area man who helped create the mystique of western
12:11 am
living has died. bill lane was 90 years old. he died of respiratory failure on saturday at the hospital. he helped found a town an donated millions of dollars to stanford university and various environmental causes. in 1990, he and his brother sold the magazine to time warner. a tiny chip, a new idea, and from this laboratory in stanford university, what could be a revolution in solar energy still ahead. will mild weather continue well into august? chief meteorologist is ba
12:12 am
12:13 am
one person died and four ores
12:14 am
critically injured today when a small plane crashed in san diego county. it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon near the 11th hole of the baker golf course. the pilot had radioed controllers there was a door stuck open on the aircraft and was trying 20 make an emergency landing before the crash. we want to update you now on a story of pour struggles over firefighters and what role arbitrators will play in contract disputes. amber lee is live with details on a vote taken a few minutes ago. >> reporter: just a short while ago, the city council voted 5-4 not to place the controversial measure on the november ballot. the measure would have removed binding arbitration from the city's labor talks with police and fire unions. the firefighter's union opposed the measure and planned to take the measure to court. city council members say they need more time to study the
12:15 am
issue and plan to revisit the matter sometime this fall. reporting live, amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." the future of solar power could be in the hands of a stanford researcher. he may have the answer of making it a lot more cost- effective. john thalor reports. >> reporter: the sun gives us more energy we can use, it's eliminated, but solar power, such as from these rays, converting sunlight to electricity, remains too expensive. >> hopefully someone will figure out how to make more #w it. >> reporter: at stanford university, that somebody is nick. he showed us a tip like this may hold solar's future. >> we think it can be a big jump forward. a new physical process that's different from the normal way to convert that energy. >> reporter: what's holding back solar is a lack of
12:16 am
efficiency. only 20% of the energy falling is converted to electricity. by combining heat and light, researchers here say they have a game changer. >> 50% or more increased in their efficiency, they'll drop the cost and make it highly, highly competitive or better than natural gas by plants. >> reporter: he says experiments confirm and make it efficiently at 1100 degrees, far too hot for today's solar cells. they could focus light and heat on the chip, making electricity while heating a steam turbine. >> this would replace at least during the daytime, a lot of the energy that's generated by natural gas. >> reporter: the technology could be commercially available in five years. john thalor, "ktvu channel 2 news." consumers in the united states may have another way to pay for credit cards, by using
12:17 am
their smart phones. it's a popular method in japan and the united kingdom. credit card companies and phone makers are banking on the idea catching on here. a study confirms 80% of those aged 18-34 would pay with a smart phone if they could. connecticut's attorney general announced today his office is investigating e-book agreements. the two companies are trying to stop competitors from offering lower e-book prices. he'd like to meet with represents from the companies. apple and amazon have declined. fog is appearing in many neighborhoods tonight. you can see it getting across into the oakland hills, moving into the berkeley hills. the fog, if you had it this morning, you have it again
12:18 am
tomorrow morning. these are the impacts your fog had. aren't very warm. warmer than we've seen, but 87, they could easily go 95 this time of year. real story this summer is this high pressure center, that is not there. it keeps weakening as this system nudges south. the upshot is the fire danger has been down, the air quality has been good. we're not using as much water and the cooling is much, much less. temperatures all summer have been below average in most cities. tomorrow will be no exception. move through the microclimate, where i expected to see 90s, we're looking at 80s. i expect mid-90s, upper 90s. those are your forecast highs for tuesday. another look using colors to represent the temperature, there are the 90s, but see they
12:19 am
are well into the valley. for the napa area, concord, those are 80s. lots of 70s around the bay. down right cool at the coast all day. if you see the sunshine at the coast, you'll be lucky. san jose, great air quality tuesday, starting off with a bit of cloud, 58 degrees like this morning and lunchtime it's almost 70, then late in the day, about 79, 80 degrees. nice day in san jose with good air quality. more temperatures, 88 in clear lake, 76 in napa, 85 in fairfield. fog is a player along the coast tomorrow, all week and next week. this weather pattern is not going to change any time soon. the models are on board. we'll have that low pressure lingering right into the bay area weekend and beyond. forecast in freemont76. 86 in gilroy, low fire danger,
12:20 am
good air quality, but it has been, i say this when i left lars -- i can't remember a pattern that was so persistent in terms of below-averaged temperatures. like julia said at 6, we get this weather with breaks, but this has been a consistent cool pattern. >> still not bad. >> it's great, just weird to have it stay so long. >> thank you, bill. new college top 10 list is one many parents may want to take a closer look at. a list of top 10 party schools. university of georgia at number one. ohio university comes in second, third place goes to penn state. one california school on the list, uc santa barbara, 8th place. when it comes to sober schools, brigham is number one. lindsay lohan in rehab
12:21 am
tonight. she walked out of jail before 2 this morning after serving 14 days of her 90-day sentence. she now must spend 90 days at a treatment center. lohan wound up behind bars because she missed alcohol councilling sessions. she was arrested twice in 2007 for driving under the influence. coming up
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
managers from the california state fair say starting the fair a month earlier than usual appears to have paid off. attendance was up 10% this year, just more than 741,000 visitors. the 157th california state fair started earlier than usual to appeal to parents that didn't want their kids missing school so they could attend the fair. the a's didn't have a big crowd, but those who were there got a good show. >> pretty good. the few the proud. not talking about the u.s. marine corps. tonight, the 10,000 or so fans that ventured out to play the kansas city royals. those fans are rewarded on several fronts like the
12:25 am
pitching of all-star trevor cahill, bread basket catch, turns it into a good play. complete game victory is 11th of the year. 1-0 game in the 4th. the royals, soon to see why they are in last place all the time. the guy argues at second place. while he does that, davis comes in to score to break the game open. meantime, rough game for kevin the ball boy. good play to defend himself, but later a better diving spot. look at his uniform, you'd think he played in the game. good work, kevin. good work on davis on that swing. hit that like a home run hitter. 2-run shot, fifth of the year and a's polish off the royals like most do.
12:26 am
giants are going to have to do it themselves, as they travel to colorado, they find scoreboard watching unpleasant. l.a. looking like they are going to pack it in. of the padres with a shot deep. that's a 3-run blast. big 4 9-inning for the padres. san diego leading the giants by two full in the west. dodgers falling off the map. you know, in his day, i'll tell you what, simply look at jerry rice and say he's the greatest football player ever. after this weekend, his new full name will be hall of famer jerry rice. he was emotional when he first heard of the induction. now as he ready's for saturday, emotional again as he thinks of the two prominent men in his life who will not be on hand. the late bill walsh, his coach, and his father.
12:27 am
>> my father, you know, he taught me the work ethic, and also how to be a man. you know, bill walsh, i don't think i would have gotten drafted by the san francisco 49ers without bill. coming from a very small, predominant black school like that, to take a chance like that and make this player your first round draft choice takes a lot of guts. >> no one will ever question jerry rice's work ethic. add that to the talent he had, probably is the greatest football player all the way around. his father, bricklayer instilled the effort in him. if ever a hall of famer, jerry rice is the guy. >> vintage pictures. >> not bad at quarterback, putting the ball in his hands. >> joe montana. there we go. dropping it in. i like the ball boy. good play by him. >> congratulations to jerry
12:28 am
rice. that's awesome. that is our report for tonight. i'm julie. >> i'm greg. coverage continues online so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip.
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i grabbed my son a juice box...and left the cooler lid open. twenty minutes later, all our hot dogs were gone. and so was most of the car. my mercury agent, steve, told me the car was covered. i switched to mercury because i saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance, but it was the service that really made me a happy camper... er...ex-camper. call 888-4-mercury or visit


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